Main Bath: The good, the bad and the ugly

Yesterday we got a new bathtub/shower. We hired Re-Bath and the old tub and shower was pounded and hacked from the bathroom and a new shiny full unit was installed. The good- the tub looks awesome. The bad.. well it really makes the rest of the room look like poop. I guess I need to get my butt in gear on finishing stripping the paper off the walls, and the ugly, well that is the floor tile. Blech!

So here are some photos of where we are now.

Caution.. if your squeamish.. you may want to stop.. just a warning. :P

The old shower with it's strange sand colored tile.

null Note the lovely mirror surrounded by yellowish stripe wallpaper.

Here is a good view of half pealed wallpaper, the solid yellow is the craft paperish under part still on the wall. I peel the plastic top part off..then spray with water and peel off. I then have to scrub off the paste with soapy water. Fun Fun

Now for the ugly.. OUR TILE (Feel free to scream..unless your kids are napping)

Stay tuned for a good photo of the tubs "after" and some wall progress.