My Craftroom Tour

One of the things I love about our new house is my craftroom. Just the ability to have this space is amazing. It has a walk in closet big enough for shelves for my fabric (though it's currently a mess) and is a stones throw from the kids playroom. So the boys can play Legos and I'm still close enough to break up fights.

 The furniture is the Martha Stewart Craft line from HomeDecorators. We snagged them when they have their 10% off and free shipping. They do this a couple times per year.. and with these large items it saves you quite a bit. All in all I'm pretty happy with them. They are heavy thick pieces and have a nice furniture look. Better than most Ikea stuff for sure. I only had issues with a couple cams wanting to come undone on there own. Instructions were fairly easy.

The table against the far wall is mostly for paper projects, or sewing overflow. My threads are displayed on the wall and a pegboard below for scissors and stuff. Next to the window is a ribbon shelf (empty at the moment) below is my Cameo work area.

 I debated on wall color.. First I tried a deep teal. It just seemed so dark.. It was very pretty on the wall, but when working with fabrics and paper it's always best to have a neutral on the wall to keep your light true. I went with a light celery color. I plan to vamp it up with some art and what not over time. The little blue desk is another thifty redo that I will tell you all about it a bit. The center work area is my fabric cutting and sewing table. On the wall is a storage cabinet for my stamping supplies, glue, paint, beads etc. and a space for my tiny serger.

Here you can see my computer area and printing station. My Ikea shelving holds printer stuff and a library of craft books and scrapbooks.I recovered some plain thrift store bulletin boards with pretty fabric.

It has some work to go still.. but I'm so glad to get it to a point that I can actually work in here.



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