The Hidden Guest

So you see that wicker chair with the big hole in the back? We came home awhile back to find that the dog had chewed a hole in one of the Pier One banana leaf chairs I scored off CL for $25.00. I was a bit bummed but being that the chair cost me 12.50, not supper mad. I thought it strange though.. Dotty is 3 years old and has never chewed on furniture before.

So I went to check out the whole and found this inside.....

Yep.. that is a lizard. A very dried up, old one at that. I'm guessing it crawled in when they were being we have a chair with Indonesian lizard jerky inside. I guess that answers my question as to why she was chewing on it. SOooo.. do I send this post to the former owner?? I bet she didn't know she had a guest the whole time she owned them. :)

And no.. we still havn't moved in. We can sleep in our rooms, but until paint is done in the main rooms we are furnitureless.


  1. Too funny! I know you don't think so... Living in Florida we get all sorts of Critters, including lizards, in the house all the time... But having one come with the furniture... That's something else. I'm just glad you didn't pay too much for the chair. Hopefully the next one you buy will be Lizard Free. Have a great week!


  2. yikes! Well at least you know your pooch hasn't developed a taste for furniture! What a strange little stow away though.

  3. I'm seriously considering keeping it.. It needed new cushions anyhow. I need a good conversation peice. "hay wanna see our Indonesian lizard?"