Halloween Tour 2012 Part 2 - Outdoor Decor

A new space is always an adventure. I actually had quite a bit of the decorations up over a week ago.. but couldn't find the cords and plugs for it all. We havn't added our real pumpkins the the display yet. Those will be added in around the porch after we go on our trips to the pumpkin patch. But for now here is what we have got...
Daytime look- I try not to do too much stuff that looks silly by daytime, this is the first time I have done spiderwebs in awhile..I just did the bushes. While they do look creepy at night, they tend to look dirty and cheep during the day. But the boys enjoy them.
The fun really starts when the sun goes down. I love the mix of lights and colors.
Enjoy! Also check out my indoor decor tour HERE


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