Goodwill Before and After: Vintage Nightstands

A lovely set of vintage nightstands.. I'm thinking 60's country? The painting on the front is a decal of some sort. The tops and fronts are wood and there is some wood veneer. The finish is a bit worn but the wood is in pretty good shape. Of course they needed a good cleaning.

One thing to keep in mind when buying old furniture... if you live in a area with bad spiders.. be sure to handle the piece with gloves and vacuum out all areas..esp the bottom!! Sometimes these pieces have been kept in a garage or barn and around here black widows LOVE barns. They especially love the dark bottom areas of furniture. I have actually seen a black widow drop out of a table in Goodwill and scuttle across the floor. These did have webs..but thankfully no spiders.

Here they are after their first coat of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. I'm using Provence, a teal blue. The paint dries very fast and is very different from latex. I didn't sand or prep..just a good cleaning before painting.
After the second coat all the dark brown was covered.
As you can see the paint covers very well...after two coats I had barely made a dent in my paint.
Next I tried to do a wash of Old White chalk paint but it dried so fast I ended up much whiter than planned. I do like that you can just add water to thin..but it also dried faster when thinned. The one on the left I had sanded down to show more Provence. I finally thinned some Provence and used a towel to wash more of the blue over the white.. It worked much better washing with a cloth than a brush..I could work it in before it dried.
Here they are after a coat of clear wax and hardware back on..I plan to put these in our bedroom of the new house. I paid $5.99 for each nightstand and used some of my Annie Sloan paint.. though I have much more for other projects left.

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  1. Ooo, they look very pretty!! Thanks for the comment at my blog. I love chalk paint, don't you!!!? Have a great weekend!!

  2. They look so much better. Love the colour.


  3. I like what you did with those night stands

    I really want to try that paint but haven't ordered any sofar

  4. Very pretty! I'm an aqua fan and use it in our home, but I have not had the chance to try the Annie Sloan chalk paint yet. They turned out very well.

  5. The side tables look Awesome! I have to admit thay looked pretty ugly before! ;)

  6. They are gorgeous! I LOVE the colors you chose. Nice deal on the night stands too and you were so smart to check for spiders, seriously! You just never know.

    I'm in love with all of those houses down below and that first one inside is adorable! It must be awesome town!

  7. Very the change@