Boys Room Built In Beds

Our boys share an upstairs room. The room has eves on both sides and  not a bad size...however the shape of the room makes bunks really awkward and two twins would have taken up most of the floor space. Our solution was to make built in beds on either side of the room built into the eves. Here is some of our inspiration.

My grandfather actually had a bed sort of like this made by my Great Grandfather in their Craftsman bungalow, a bed that I slept in once as a kid. It's a cozy space much like a boat bunk (I know this from experience with those too)

First we had a contractor on the job... that turned out to be an expensive mistake..they messed up some measurements and wouldn't work around our floor re-finisher's time constraints. They quit and overcharged us for their labor.. we had to contest the hours put in. My husband took over the project and finished the building before heading overseas again. My job was to fill holes and paint. Happy to say that I finished..and after I get the room all painted, curtains up etc. I should have a whole room revel here too.

Updates on My Projects

I have been busy working on the kitchen for the past two weeks, It's hard to work on with the kids up and about because of them trying to walk on all my cabinet doors. Basically all my floor space around the house looks like this.

I have also been playing with bead board wallpaper. I bought it at Lowe's and it's a lot of fun. It goes up easy and cuts pretty good...much simpler than bead board panels. If you go to buy some check the roll. They sell two different types, one is cheaper and the groves in it are not deep at all. It doesn't look very realistic. The brand I bought is Allen and Roth.  I'm sticking it to the ends of the cabinets and around the base of the breakfast bar area. It also saves me from having to use as much paint there.

I had to use two coats of primer and probably two coats of Painter Touch paint to get the rest of the wood covered. I am painting the paper with the gloss white to add durability and match it to the rest of the kitchen.

I have a lot of work left. I couldn't get all the bin-pulls at Lowes..they only had one. So I may have pick more of those up when I'm back at the lake.  I also got a quote on new counter tops while I was without kids today. Hopefully soon we can order them.

My lovely mess in progress...

Thrift Store Dresser

I found a perfect little vintage dresser for a wall in our bedroom. After getting our bed set up we noticed that one wall would fit a tall dresser well. I ran into this little piece at Value Village for $39.99. Not bad..wood and wood veneer. Someone had sanded off the harvest gold color from the dresser but not the mirror. It fits the space great. I just need to decide to paint and what color.

Please disregard the lack of base trim and doors.. were getting there. Someday big reveal ;)

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The Hidden Guest

So you see that wicker chair with the big hole in the back? We came home awhile back to find that the dog had chewed a hole in one of the Pier One banana leaf chairs I scored off CL for $25.00. I was a bit bummed but being that the chair cost me 12.50, not supper mad. I thought it strange though.. Dotty is 3 years old and has never chewed on furniture before.

So I went to check out the whole and found this inside.....

Yep.. that is a lizard. A very dried up, old one at that. I'm guessing it crawled in when they were being we have a chair with Indonesian lizard jerky inside. I guess that answers my question as to why she was chewing on it. SOooo.. do I send this post to the former owner?? I bet she didn't know she had a guest the whole time she owned them. :)

And no.. we still havn't moved in. We can sleep in our rooms, but until paint is done in the main rooms we are furnitureless.

Hooray for Internet

I finally went out and bought a we have internet at the new house. I even rememberd to bring my laptop. So now I can blog... well when I have the paint washed off my hands.

Happy 4th...and some sneek peeks of the bedrooms

Happy 4th of July Everyone.. Just a sneak peek of the work we have done on the house lately.

Mike finished building the boys beds. The boys are loving them..they have been testing out the new mattresses and seeing how they hold up to jumping, bouncing and pillow fighting.

They still need putty and paint and I will be painting and finishing the boys walls soon. The closet doors are still all off for painting but it's getting there.

Here you can just see how each wall has a bed. This has made the floor space in this room huge!
Here is a bit of a view of our room's new paint..built in and our new Ikea bed. Still needs work..but at least we can sleep there now. :)

Check out the funky retro light.. no it's not staying in here.. LOL. Boy #1 has told me it needs to go in the playroom. (painted red, of course)

Starting to see the light at the end of the bedroom tunnel. Mike work on the built ins and beds turned out great! Now it's mostly up to me to do the finish work and hopefully soon I will have some room revels.