Halloween Tour 2012 Part 2 - Outdoor Decor

A new space is always an adventure. I actually had quite a bit of the decorations up over a week ago.. but couldn't find the cords and plugs for it all. We havn't added our real pumpkins the the display yet. Those will be added in around the porch after we go on our trips to the pumpkin patch. But for now here is what we have got...
Daytime look- I try not to do too much stuff that looks silly by daytime, this is the first time I have done spiderwebs in awhile..I just did the bushes. While they do look creepy at night, they tend to look dirty and cheep during the day. But the boys enjoy them.
The fun really starts when the sun goes down. I love the mix of lights and colors.
Enjoy! Also check out my indoor decor tour HERE

Halloween Tour 2012

I'm pretty sure I'm done with the decorating inside. But knowing me, I will probably tinker with it all before the big night. But for now,I hope you enjoy a tour of what we have a the moment. Decorating a new space for a holiday is always exciting...and more time consuming. Come on in! My entry table is now actually in entry (for the first time EVER, it had the tv on it before!) My tall, cheerful witch girl from Ross welcomes guests.
Take a glance over at the witch's parlor.. AKA dining room.
In the corner you can see the nook has been transformed into the witch's spell pantry.
I'm loving the mercury glass pumpkins I got at Costco.
Every haunted house has to have a creepy clock ticking..
It's time to sit and relax in the family room.
My "town" section of my Dept. 56 collection is displayed on the mantel. The pirate beach is displayed above the bookshelf.
I sewed some simple pillow covers with this cute, kid friendly, fabric I found at JoAnn's. Love the fun green color and the little characters.
The breakfast nook has also gotten spooked up. I put a simple table runner and candle holder as this table is often cleared for family games. My "farm" village is above the display hutch.
I have had these web valances for a few years. I think they came from Wal-Mart..but I'm not sure. I clipped them to the top of the curtains and the felt spiders cling to the curtain fabric in different ways every time the curtain is moved.
Even the kitchen got a bit a bit of decorating with some simple towels and decor above the cabinets.
Well that brings us to the end I hope you enjoyed my tour.. Later this week I will be posting my outside decor :) Kristina

Happy Fall!

Start of fall has been very busy for us this year. One kiddo started Kindergarten and the other Preschool, add the hassle of transferring IEP's to a new school district and you get lot and lots of paperwork. But October has brought both, a settling in our home schedules, and other changes that will effect us later..but for now the dust has settled and we can start enjoying fall in Eastern WA. Crisp morning Air combined with afternoons still warm enough for shorts and T's, makes for good outside play weather. It also brings my second favorite holiday and the decorations that go with it.. HALLOWEEN. This year is going to be a fun one.. we have three different trips to pumpkin patches, with school and with family. My boys are anticipating that great sport of pumpkin wrangling.
So I promise to get more posts up this week.. including a tour of our inside decor, a peek at what I have done outside and a close up tour of my Dept. 56 Halloween collection.