The funky old floating stairs before..

Here are the photos of the stairs in their before state. By next weekend I should be able to show the after. The floor guys were in the middle of removing the "marshmallow" colored carpet. A slow tedious project as there were more staples in one step than in a whole bedroom. The wood under is in good shape becides the holes. The floor guys are removing all the treads this week to refinish each step. Also he will replace the nuts that hold the tread to the rail, as there was no lock washers on them and some were loose. If I didn't have kiddo's with me...that would be the perfect time to paint the railing...I wouldn't have to worry about getting paint on the steps.

The railings look super boring in peach paint. If you look close you can see that there are details..a hammered texture and hand forged ends with nice square bolts. I plan to paint everything a black enamel.. luckily the peach is enamel too, so it should still paint well.

The staircase is the reason I plan to do all hardware for the house in oil rubbed bronze...even though it seems to be on the out trend wise already. This house was intended to have bronze, iron and lots of wood ceiling and paneling, that sometime in the 80's turned into peach, almond and wallpaper... Well I will keep the bronze and loose the wallpaper. Wood and paneling will go white.
Goodbye rustic 60's, hello beachy cottage.

One of the other changes is adding risers to the treads.. I know, I know.. that dosn't go at all with the style. The floor guys are matching the wood to the treads and it should look pretty seamless. Our reason for doing this change is, our oldest son has mild Cerebral Palsy and it makes him pretty accident prone. He is afraid of these stairs due to the fact he can see through them. I can see him slipping and getting his leg or foot stuck between the steps. Sometimes safety has to go before style.


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with these! I think the Oil Rubbed Bronze is going to look great!