Happy Fall!

Start of fall has been very busy for us this year. One kiddo started Kindergarten and the other Preschool, add the hassle of transferring IEP's to a new school district and you get lot and lots of paperwork. But October has brought both, a settling in our home schedules, and other changes that will effect us later..but for now the dust has settled and we can start enjoying fall in Eastern WA. Crisp morning Air combined with afternoons still warm enough for shorts and T's, makes for good outside play weather. It also brings my second favorite holiday and the decorations that go with it.. HALLOWEEN. This year is going to be a fun one.. we have three different trips to pumpkin patches, with school and with family. My boys are anticipating that great sport of pumpkin wrangling.
So I promise to get more posts up this week.. including a tour of our inside decor, a peek at what I have done outside and a close up tour of my Dept. 56 Halloween collection.


  1. OK, I did get all of your posts in my reader....I just hadn't gotten that far yet. lol

    We just started working on an IEP for my oldest. Good times.

    1. Great! I'm sure that with the huge lag in my posts, you just thought they weren't showing.. LOL Nope just me being an inactive blogger. ;P