New House, New Blog

Well, I know it's been a long time between posting on a blog. We have been a super busy family with moving into our brand new home and then just the usual summer activities and family gatherings.

We love our new neighborhood and had looked at the older area, close by, wistfully when house hunting over a year ago. Everything we saw however needed work and was priced at the top of our budget, and at the time we weren't sure if we would be living in the area long. So we bought the little house as a place to live in the area so hubby wouldn't have the long commute, and as an investment. A little elbow grease while living there and then try our hands being landlords. Then a new development started right in the area we wanted...we watched it grow and saw a couple of houses go up. Well we just had to do it.. as much as I love cottages with a bit of history, we couldn't turn down living just houses away from sports fields, dog park, splash park and bike trail. Not to mention the fact that our kids could go to school via a bike path. All within biking distance to grocery and Starbucks...

So with the major change and the planning of our new spaces, I haven't had much time for blogging. And speaking of which, I felt that along with the move I should move to a different blog. Something that fits the new house, with a new name and a fresh start. I moved my older posts here of course, though I'm far from having the posts all organized an a helpful manor. So now I will be blogging from The Sagebrush Cottage. Our new house is too big to be a "cottage", but I hope to give it a cozy cottage vibe. From our house you can see the hills surrounding our valley covered with sagebrush and the tang of it on rainy spring nights.
Best of all, I have some new projects to reveal here in the coming weeks...


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