Updates on My Projects

I have been busy working on the kitchen for the past two weeks, It's hard to work on with the kids up and about because of them trying to walk on all my cabinet doors. Basically all my floor space around the house looks like this.

I have also been playing with bead board wallpaper. I bought it at Lowe's and it's a lot of fun. It goes up easy and cuts pretty good...much simpler than bead board panels. If you go to buy some check the roll. They sell two different types, one is cheaper and the groves in it are not deep at all. It doesn't look very realistic. The brand I bought is Allen and Roth.  I'm sticking it to the ends of the cabinets and around the base of the breakfast bar area. It also saves me from having to use as much paint there.

I had to use two coats of primer and probably two coats of Painter Touch paint to get the rest of the wood covered. I am painting the paper with the gloss white to add durability and match it to the rest of the kitchen.

I have a lot of work left. I couldn't get all the bin-pulls at Lowes..they only had one. So I may have pick more of those up when I'm back at the lake.  I also got a quote on new counter tops while I was without kids today. Hopefully soon we can order them.

My lovely mess in progress...


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