Happy 4th...and some sneek peeks of the bedrooms

Happy 4th of July Everyone.. Just a sneak peek of the work we have done on the house lately.

Mike finished building the boys beds. The boys are loving them..they have been testing out the new mattresses and seeing how they hold up to jumping, bouncing and pillow fighting.

They still need putty and paint and I will be painting and finishing the boys walls soon. The closet doors are still all off for painting but it's getting there.

Here you can just see how each wall has a bed. This has made the floor space in this room huge!
Here is a bit of a view of our room's new paint..built in and our new Ikea bed. Still needs work..but at least we can sleep there now. :)

Check out the funky retro light.. no it's not staying in here.. LOL. Boy #1 has told me it needs to go in the playroom. (painted red, of course)

Starting to see the light at the end of the bedroom tunnel. Mike work on the built ins and beds turned out great! Now it's mostly up to me to do the finish work and hopefully soon I will have some room revels.


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