Kids Shirt to Pillow Project

I admit I have a hard time parting with the super cute little shirts my boys grow out of. I had these two shirts that we used in some photos, they of course grew out of them almost before we even did the shots.PhotobucketPhotobucket

I held on the them and couldn't let them go. I decided to make something out of them instead of boxing them up.

I had a couple of plain white pillow covers from Ikea.

After cutting the front off of the shirts I trimmed them into shape and used the back side of the shirts to frame them.

I zig-zagged the front to the back rectangle.

I straight stitched the whole thing to the pillow leaving a bit of edge to curl up. I didn't want it too perfect.. after all it's for a little boys room.

Here are the pillows all finished. My oldest loves his, his brother...well he is three, so could care less. It' dosn't have "Cars" on it. LOL


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  1. Amazing job!! Thanks for sharing these fun crafts.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)