A bit of curb appeal.. for now

Next spring we have plans to paint the outside of the house. But for now I added just a bit of color to the faded yellow by painting the plastic shutters, door and numbers. All in a rich blue color. Though already i'm wondering if another color would look better. But at least it's better than the blotchy red door and bland shutter you couln't even see.
The flower beds came to life with stuff I planted..and suprise flowers that were in the garden asleep, to be awakened with some plant food and water.
I installed flower boxes under the windows to help with the cottage look. I have a hundred things I still would like to do. Including a full box veggie garden in the side yard..and a couple maples in front.

Our first view of the house.

The blotchy red door, old mailbox, new door mat.

After planting a few roses and watering the suprise lilies.

A bit of paint and the garden in bloom.

Paint, vinyl decor, new mailbox, matching pot and a summer wreath.

It's looking much nicer, I have gotten a lot of compliments from the neighbors...just wait until they see it after next year!


  1. That really does ad a nice touch. I love the Welcome on the door! You have such great taste! :)