Progress on the livingroom.

I figured it may be time to post some photos of how the house is evolving. It will never be "finished" for me though...I'm always changing and tweaking, don't forget the seasons change...there for so must my decor.. LOL

So lets start off with the MLS photos for a start reference.


So pretty right... LOL

Now here is a look at the room after the floors have been done with a natural finish. I have a coat of primer on the fireplace and my new jute rug and some lovely extra boxes...don't ya love moving.


Here is where we are now.. I used the same paint as our bedroom on the fireplace..not quite gray and not quite brown. It's a color that reminds me of stone or driftwood.. a cross between the two. Our Rowe Nantucket sofa and chair fit in the space well. The entertainment center came from didn't have the center part, as it was intended for the old projection flat-screen. I found a entertainment cabinet off Craigslist and painted it with chalk-paint to match. I have so much storage now..that I have empty cupboards in there.


I made a small sitting area behind the sofa.. an old thrift store dresser and one of the infamous sea grass chairs. So far I'm using simple Target curtains in white. I may go bolder later..but I like the clean and simple feel of white for warm weather.


Here is a closer view of the fireplace.


For a little evening ambiance... I have a candle holder in the fireplace as we havn't gotten the fireplace inspected yet and we choose not to take a chance (not to mention it's still in the 80's here during the day)




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