And now for a little inspiration...

So, I do go through different phases in my decorating style.. But I'm always drawn to cottage or old world.. don't know why. (Maybe because the furniture being already dented and worn won't show my boys damage? LOL) I can look at more modern spaces on BHG or HGTV but I just can't do it in my own space. It would end up a hodge podge as I would still throw the cottage stuff in anyway. About the closest I can probably get is how Country Living and Cottage Living Mags have gone lately..that cottage casual with a few interesting modern pieces thrown in for interest. So what are my plans for this house? The lakehouse is much more formal than I'm comfortable with most of the time...but it seems what the house is asking for. So when I walked into this house and saw the wood ceilings, floors and the upstars bedrooms with the eves, the first thing that popped into my head was coastal cottage...I'm thinking a bit of Bainbridge country mixed with a touch of New England cape cod old school glam. If you took the garage off, the house would be pretty cape cod in shape anyway.

Now I know what your thinking.. Coastal?.. in one of the driest spots in Washington? Well sure, why not? I lived 5 years on a sailboat..if that isn't good enough you can see the river through the bedroom windows (if you stick your head out and tilt it a bit).

Here are a few of my fav blogs that inspire me:

Just a Girl- I Love this coastal bathroom!
Centsational Girl - I love the colors in her laundry room.

And if you LOVE blues and greens check out House of Turquoise. So many yummy photos I could spend all day in that blog, or at least until I have to break up a boy fight.


  1. I love House of Turquoise too! Can't wait to see what you do with the house! It will be fabulous whatever it is! :) Cute blog btw