House tour part 3

Now for a bit of the upstairs.. We have floating stairs.. that I promise I will someday take a real photo of. They are suspended from the second floor by a iron railing. The landing at the top has some decorative bits I kinda like..but not the color. They would have been I'm thinking as soon as the carpet on the steps are gone I'm attacking with some flat black paint. Bye-bye peach!! There is a cute little space between the railing and wall that I plan to put some book shelves and a photo wall.

You can also see the view into the upstairs bath..a powder room. No the skylight isn't has a funky fiberglass covering that I need to see can be removed, trust me it's just as nasty looking IRL.

Off to the sides are the two upstairs bedrooms. Both have nice wood floors. The image below is our bedroom.. we have removed the carpet and it will be refinished along with everything the 3rd of June.. Can't wait!! The eves have full attic storage and we are going to be installing some dressers into them as built-in's to save floor space.

I already have a nice rug I found on clearence at Lowes and my PB matelasse bedding. We just need some furniture.. I'm trying to decide between mocha brown walls or a spa gray/blue.


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