The new sofa, otherwise known as the flowers that shouldn't be there.

A few months ago we finally bit the bullet and ordered a Rowe Nantucket sofa to match our chair.. the chair that is 7 years old and still comfy and going strong. I opted to buy a down stuffed sofa with chaise instead of a the Lakehouse has a small living and we didn't know yet what house we would be buying...I wanted something changeable. You can switch the sides of the chaise or take it off altogether. I picked out a nice oatmeal color woven cotton with these happy flower pillows. I wasn't too picky on the pillows being that I really didn't need them, I have tons already. So I went for something different.. the chair shows what my plan had been. However.. I got a call from the store that there had been a mistake. They had done the whole sofa in the flowers. Good news is that eventually I will get the second slipcover in the correct fabic and get to keep both. Bad news is.. the chaise dosn't match (it's in the correct fabric) and so I can't really use it until the correct covers arive. My Mr. of course hates it.. I think "hidious" was his term. I actually think for spring it's kinda cute... but it's not something I would have picked. If had known they would make a cover out of it, I would have been more careful in my choice. I am curious to see how it will look in the Cottage though.

I just called to check up on my covers..and they are at the store and can be delivered Thursday. Now how long they would have sat at the store if I hadn't called...who knows.


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