Update on the Rowe sofa slipcover..

Well yay.. the new (correct) slipcovers came today.. the guys put them on and steamed them. One of the first questions I asked, was did they also send the replacement cushion for the chaise, as the one they sent first was poly wrapped and not the down envelope we paid for. The guy was like "Oh they sent it and more". Um ya...so Rowe sent me a whole second chaise for the sofa..base, cushion and slipcover. (I didn't need the slipcover as the original was actually done correctly). They also sent a second set of the same pillow covers.

So yay for Rowe for having good customer service and being willing to fix mistakes.. but you also win the redundancy award for sending me tons of extra unneeded parts for free.. that chaise add on was over $500.... a smart company would just have sent the cushion. Not to mention the cost for the extra slipcover...as the first cover's fabric is $40 a yard.

So here is a before. This is how my sofa arrived, covered in the fabric I picked for the pillows. Chaise isn't used because it's slip covered in the correct fabric..but not down like the sofa.

Here is the sofa as it was ordered. Correct cover, correct chaise.

Here is the pile of extra parts.

Here is the sofa with both chaises on.

They were going to throw the extra away, so I said I could find something to use it for... Look a chaise for me, one for hubby and a middle cushion for the popcorn. Perfect!!

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Ok, even Dotty the dog thinks it looks silly.


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