Goodwill Before and After: Candelabra Makeover

I found this nifty candelabra at goodwill and figured it needed to lighten up. A bit of left over glossy white spray paint should do the trick.

Much better..

Next I picked up some glass beads in clear and turquoise from our local big box store along with some tea-light holders in a heavy glass. Not bad for $.50 each. I used heavy upholstery thread in white to tie on the beads. It doesn't show against the white metal where I tied it on, unless you look close. I decided to convert it to tealights as the long tapers tend to blow wax around our house when lit do to the breeze of little stomping feet running by.

I think it turned out nicely.. I may go back and distress it with some chalk paint.. but for now it looks pretty and summery the way it is.



  1. That is genius...and looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party. Please add my link or button.

  2. Hello Kristina!
    I found you through Debbie's Party and just love your blog ! The background is so pretty.

    You did a wonderful job on the candelabra!

    I'm your newest follower and I also added you to my Blogroll.

    I love your chairs you redid too!

  3. Oh, I see you are in Washington. I was in Mercer Island for nine whole days in January visiting my Sister. It's so beautiful up there. Yes, I was a long way from home !

  4. So cute, love the beads, and if you do decide to work on it later, the chalk paint is wonderful and easy to distress.

  5. Thanks for the reminder Debbie.. I swear I thought I had added it..but I probably was distracted and never completed. Mom brain strikes again.

    Thank you everyone for the compliments.

    Sandra- I am in Washington but on the eastern side of the mountains. The sunny side of the state :) I do love all the San Juan Islands though, I grew up over on the wet side and my parents are sailors.

    Bobbi- I'm just trying out chalk paint on two Goodwill nightstands. So far so good :)

  6. Hi Kristine. Now that really is a candelabra makeover. It turned out great. I just did one with that same base. Love you cheery blog pattern. I'm your newest follower.

    Hugs...Tracy :)