Monday House Update

Well we had a busy weekend. I have been stripping wallpaper and it's going slower than I would like..but then again this time I'm doing it while keeping tabs on the boys playing in the yard and livingroom. Just getting the vinyl part off made the room feel lighter..
But then the paper reveled a dark brown it's dark and dingy again.
The plumber came in Friday and plumbed for a washer and dryer in the garage and we are getting a utility sink too. YAY.. he capped off these old outlets and drains in the kitchen and this will most likely be a spot for a nice pantry.
The stairs ...well they have progressed..but we can't tell at the moment. They took the treads away to be refinished in their shop.. So Mike has to use a ladder to get up to the bedrooms to work.
The floors though are done and look fabulous..

Mike has been working on the built in's and the boys bunks upstairs. We are getting there.. as soon as wallpaper is done in kitchen and dining I get to break out the paint and rollers.


  1. It's going to be so fun watching your makeover. You and I also have the same taste in music. I love all those old songs. I have several Diane Krall CD's and love the oldies like Billie Holiday.
    Have a great weekend...Tracy :)