How european is our new house?

Well as it turns out.. It has quite a few European traits... but not all of them good. At least not for re-sale on an American market.

For instance... this lovely area with the paneling and peeling wallpaper is our laundry area.. and that wouldn't be too bad, if it wern't in a corner of the kitchen. Yep, our washer and dryer are supposed to go in the kitchen in this house. Right next to the door that leads to the back yard. I guess that's handy when the boys come in all covered in mud.. (looking into relocating to the garage and using the space for a pantry)

And this funky china hutch.. it's not really a china hutch at all. It actually hides the water heater. A water heater the size of a beer keg...

So when we toured this felt a bit like an episode of House Hunters International... you know, where the Americans are always freaking out because the water heater is suspended above the toilet, or the rooms don't have closets. At least we won't have to put our legs in the bathtub to use the toilet.


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