Progress Report

Well we stayed at the house for an extended week and my blogging is a reflection of that. We still don't have the internet up and running. My days have been mostly spent entertaining the boys and trying out all the neat water play areas.. however while the boys entertained themselves making mud pies I did manage to pull the wall paper in the kitchen and dining, but the paste is still clinging to life on my walls. I have to say I think they look worse now.. can't wait to paint. Hubby was busy working on the eves projects in our bedrooms.

Here you can see how the eves look in our bedroom. We have attic access on both sides with these slider panels. This space is pretty functional and it already has board and can be used as a closet. He cut holes in the wall in each side and put in ikea drawers..two sets on each side. This will give us a small dresser for socks, etc. without taking away floor space with a dresser. We spent a few evenings painting them and all the trim white.


With the drawers in:
He is also busy working on the boys built-in beds. Here is a before of the boys room with their attic space ( connects all the way to ours, the boys could get into our room like a secret tunnel)

Here is one side framed out. They will still have a closet space but the tunnel has been walled off.

The other bed is about ready to be trimmed out.

I did manage one coat of black paint on the stairs before the floor guys got the refinished treads back on.

Here is a view of the blotchy paste covered kitchen...
and dining with more paste on lime green with brown blotches. Yuck
It's slow going with lots to do..but it's getting there. We also got the garage plumed for a utility sink and washer and dryer.. and had the old breaker box and meter replaced this weekend. Whew.


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